Porsche Supercar Championship 2022 – What You Need To Know?

The Porsche Supercar Championship is an automotive racing event held for Porsche drivers who are looking for a high-octane competitive experience. It is one of the most competitive and exciting racing events in the automotive industry and features some of the world’s most powerful and fastest Porsche cars.

What to Expect

The Porsche Supercar Championship is an intense and thrilling racing series. Participants are expected to bring their driving skills, their performance cars, and their enthusiasm to the track, as they face off against each other to become the Porsche Supercar Champion.

The races are fast-paced and intense, as drivers battle it out on the track. Races are held at various tracks across the world, including some of the most famous, such as the historic Nordschleife at the Nürburgring in Germany.

Competition is fierce, as drivers strive to become the fastest on the track and the most successful on the podium. The champion will be rewarded with a large prize money, a Porsche Supercar Trophy, and recognition from the Porsche community.

Who is Eligible

The Porsche Supercar Championship is open to drivers of all levels. As long as drivers have a valid driver’s license and a racing license, they are allowed to participate. If a driver does not have a Porsche car, rental cars are available.

How to Get Involved

Drivers can follow a few simple steps to become part of the Porsche Supercar Championship:

  • Register: Drivers who would like to participate must register with the Porsche Club or the Porsche Supercar Championship organizer.
  • Practice: Participants must practice and prepare in order to be ready to compete. This is done by attending practice sessions and familiarizing oneself with the track.
  • Compete: Drivers must compete in a series of races in order to qualify for the final round. During this time, they must stay focused and remain competitive in order to make it to the finals.
  • Win: The driver who finishes at the top of the leaderboard during the season finale will be crowned the Porsche Supercar champion.

The Porsche Supercar Championship is an exciting and highly competitive event that draws some of the most powerful cars in the industry. Drivers from all levels can get involved and compete for the title of Porsche Supercar Champion.

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